Rules and Guidelines


  • This is a ticketed event. Those wishing to attend are required to purchase entry using the registration tab
  • There is no VSF age limit, but those aged under 16 will need to be supervised by a responsible adult or guardian
  • Upon entry, you will be asked to check-in and receive your wristband (which should be worn at all times). Failure to do so may lead to dismissal from the event. Bring a form of photo ID to check-in!

Tournament Format

  • All games will be played using the double elimination format. The loss of two tournament sets will mean you are eliminated!
  • All settings for tournament games will be set to default unless otherwise stated
  • Between games, all losers are permitted to switch either stage or character. Winners are always character locked
  • Coaching is limited to 60 seconds between sets for all games
  • Pausing: Pausing a game mid-match will automatically forfeit the round/stock for the offending player


  • This is a ‘bring your own controller’ event. Please bring the relevant pads, sticks and cables for the games you are entering and look after them!
  • We recommend bringing your own headsets. 3.5mm jack inputs will be available
  • Wireless pads are legal but at the risk of the player playing! We highly suggest removing the batteries from PS4 controllers!
  • Brook adaptors are tournament legal, Cronus adaptors are BANNED
  • Button binds within the game are tournament legal but button checks must be agreed BEFORE a match has started. Pausing a game to change buttons will result in the forfeit of that round/game
  • Use of hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are banned and may result in disqualification or dismissal
  • Disconnecting Controllers: PS4 controllers are tournament legal but can cause issues for other players. Before every match you play, it is your responsibility to disconnect other PS4 controllers – a judge will be able to support you in doing this upon request

General Rules, Conduct and Good Practice

  • You are on camera! VSFighting 2018 will be streamed via, Facebook and YouTube. Cameras will be filming the event throughout and photographs are required for top placers on each game…you may also be required to appear on stream. In attending, you accept that footage of you may appear online
  • Collusion to manipulate tournament results is considered cheating and may result in disqualification for all involved parties
  • All rules exist at the discretion of the tournament organiser and may occasionally be changed or adapted


Final rules set coming soon!

Additional Rules:

This is a fighting game tournament, not a real street fight. Violence, cheating, intimidation, racism, sexism, weaponry, drug use…and all other forms of THUGGERY are strictly prohibited. Breaching these rules may lead to immediate dismissal and in some cases, could result in the authorities being called.