The UKs biggest, boldest multi-fighting-game tournament returns!

Since 2010, VSFighting has lead the UK FGC and following last year's exceptional showing, everyone is asking what we have in store this time...What should you expect from VSF 2016? What happens when the Electronic Dojo team finally get some reliable preparation time? A huge venue? No. Another massive IMAX screen? No. A beautiful theatre stage? No. Freshly baked cookies upon arrival? ...well yes, kind of, but that's not the focal point. This year we're going to do something a bit different - don't worry, you'll still get the high production values along with a much better overall tournament experience...but initially it'll look like a bit of a risk. Stick with it - if you've been to any of our past events, you'll know we're here to raise the bar, and we have a very good feeling about this... Justin and the Dojo team


  • VSFighting 2016
  • 6-7 August The Studio 7 Cannon St Birmingham B2 5EP


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